Vocabulary – nouns

Enter the name of the nouns represented by each image below. Be sure to include the article, just like the ones done for you.

Note that the group of words each image belongs to is shown above it and can be used as a hint. There is also a word bank at the end, which you can hide by clicking on it. When you are done, click 'Check my answers' to see the answer key.

Around the House

Food & Drinks


Around the City

Body Parts

In the Classroom

Occupations & Hobbies

Clothing & Accessories

Occupations & Hobbies

Around the City

Around the City

Body Parts

der Knöchel - die Wurst - die Astronautin - der Musiker - das Gelb - das Sofa - der Fuß - das Restaurant - das Hotel - der Rucksack - die Schule - das Hemd

list with nouns. Use nouns from the following groups:

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Animals (27)

Food & Drinks (44)

Around the city (29)

Body parts (28)

Occupations & Hobbies (39)

Colors (11)

Vehicles (8)

Sports (11)

Around the house (35)

In the classroom (11)

Clothing & Accessories (23)

Landscape & Geography (18)