Noun plural

There are eight different ways to turn a German noun from singular to plural. Each noun has its own, and there is no rule that determines what transformation applies to each noun. This exercise will help you memorize them.

For each noun shown in its singular form, type its plural next to it. When you are done, click 'Check my answers' to see the answer key. And remember that nouns in German always start with a capital letter.

der Vogel, die

der Hut, die

das Abendessen, die

der Gruß, die

das Mädchen, die

die Brücke, die

die Sportlerin, die

der Besen, die

die Schildkröte, die

das Fenster, die

das Prozent, die

der Kilometer, die

der Rest, die

der Patient, die

das Haar, die

das Lied, die

das Bier, die

der Kuli, die

list with nouns.