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Vocabulary - Nouns >> Sample

Enter the name of the nouns represented by each image below. Be sure to include the article, just like the ones done for you.

Note that the group of words each image belongs to is shown above it and can be used as a hint. There is also a word bank at the end, which you can hide by clicking on it. When you are done, click 'check' to see the answer key.

We have prepared a list for you to start. The pop-up dictionary is disabled in this page. In the next page, just double-click any word you don't know to see its translation to English.

Occupations & HobbiesOccupations & HobbiesFood & Drinks
die Sekretärinder Frisördie Tomate
Around the HouseBody PartsFood & Drinks
Clothing & AccessoriesAround the CityBody Parts
Food & DrinksSportsAnimals
Occupations & HobbiesAround the HouseAround the City

die Bohne - die Orange - der Schal - das Knie - die Kamera - das Pferd - die Tänzerin - der Fuß - die Tomate - das Schwimmen - die Kirche - das Telefon - die Schule - die Sekretärin - der Frisör

Redo list with nouns. Use nouns from the following groups:

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