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German special characters

If you don't have a German-configured keyboard you will need to know how to create some extra characters that you are probably not used to. If you are a Mac user, you can hold down the 'option' key while typing in different letter combinations for each one. If you are on a PC, then the 'Alt' key will work similarly with four-digit numbers.

Either way, you can find these keystroke combinations in the chart below. You can open it up on a separate window with this link and keep it to the side while you work on the site's exercises. Or you can simply copy and paste these letters into the input fields when needed.

Letter PC

Alt +

option +
ä 0228 ua
Ä 0196 uA
ö 0246 uo
Ö 0214 uO
ü 0252 uu
Ü 0220 uU
ß 0223 s
é 0233 e

Note that you must press the letters in the table in the order that they appear and while holding down the 'Alt' or 'option' key. Also, PC users must use the number pad on the right of their keyboard, not the top row of numbers; and they cannot omit the leading zeros. Go ahead now and type some of those letters in the box below.',

You may instead prefer to customize your computer/keyboard to additionally support typing in German. This will allow you to more easily generate those special letters on other softwares too. This article guides you through the configuration on both Macs and PCs.

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