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Noun plurals >> Sample

There are eight different ways to turn a German noun from singular to plural. Each noun has its own, and there is no rule that determines what transformation applies to each noun. This exercise will help you memorize them.

For each noun shown in its singular form, type its plural next to it. When you are done, click 'check' to see the answer key. And remember that nouns in German always start with a capital letter.

We have prepared a list for you to start. If there is any word you don't know, double-click it to see its translation to English.

die Studentin, die Studentinnen

die Radtour, die Radtouren

die Erdbeere, die Erdbeeren

der Brief, die Briefe

die Astronautin, die Astronautinnen

der Fuß, die

der Artikel, die

der Fluss, die

die Bluse, die

die Freundin, die

das Bad, die

die Temperatur, die

der Gegenstand, die

der Käse, die

der Kurs, die

Redo list with nouns.

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