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Article and plural >> Sample

Each noun in German has one of three genders and one of eight transformations to plural. There is no rule that will tell you which to choose, but this exercise will help you memorize them.

Type next to each noun its corresponding article and plural as done below. When you are done, click 'check' to see the answer key.

We have prepared a list for you to start. If there is any word you don't know, double-click it to see its translation to English.

das Haar, die Haare

die Farbe, die Farben

der Markt, die Märkte

der Beruf, die Berufe

der Ort, die Orte

Zunge, die

Boot, die

Interview, die

Monitor, die

Million, die

Firma, die

Sekretariat, die

Ring, die

Regenbogen, die

Liter, die

Redo list with nouns.

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